Payback Ltd Review — Is It Possible to Recover Money Lost to Crypto Scammers?

Payback Ltd Review

Payback Ltd logoThe crypto industry is incredibly complex and is still quite novel to many laymen. It means that the whole domain is overwhelmed by scammers. Payback Ltd is a company that tries to change the situation and positively affects the whole industry by assisting people who fell victim to crypto scammers to recover their funds. Often, they manage to save people from financial devastation.

The recent report by the FTC revealed that over 75% of all scams happen on social platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Facebook, and others. Users on these platforms are targeted by crafty scammers who use elaborate schemes and intricate social engineering techniques to trick people into giving away their sensitive data, money, or assets. Over 300 thousand cases are reported annually, and over 50% of them are related to the crypto industry.Payback Ltd website

The crypto sector is still going strong

Despite such numbers, the whole domain is still evolving. Even the crypto winter that started in May did not stop some companies, but significantly reduced the number of successful scams. However, thousands still lose their life savings due to believing a carefully constructed lie from people who use the anonymity provided by the internet to their advantage when scamming naïve users of social media platforms.

Many believe that there is nothing that can be done once you send money to a fraudster. Payback Ltd is here to prove you wrong by providing a product that was highly rated by thousands of grateful customers who managed to recover their money without any issues. While Payback Ltd never gives any guarantees, its track record is quite good and speaks for itself.

Now, when the crypto industry is trying to evolve into something that provides a middle ground for decentralization enthusiasts and authorities, there are more regulations and laws in place that help companies like Payback Ltd to be even more efficient at what they are doing.Payback Ltd website

How does Payback Ltd work to recover your money?

The company collects information about scammers and builds a solid evidence base to ensure that it can not only track down scammers but also convince them to pay. The rate of success depends on a variety of factors.

  • If a client asks for assistance immediately after getting scammed, chances to catch the scammer go up rapidly since many criminals do not know how to hide their digital footprint effectively.
  • Some users are quite responsible with their online communications and document everything. If you have logs, screenshots, receipts, and other evidence, you can expect a better result from Payback Ltd.
  • The investigation team uses unconventional methods of gathering and analyzing data. It employs experts with backgrounds in blockchain and online security.
  • Payback Ltd uses a very flexible approach to negotiations with scammers. They will threaten legal action, try to talk to them, or simply hand over data to officials. The solution is chosen based on what type of evidence the company manages to acquire.

How much does it cost to work with Payback Ltd?

The company has a flexible payment system that allows anyone to afford its service. The upfront fee is used to start the investigation, collect, and categorize data and evidence. Then, you will be presented with on option of paying a fixed price or a cut of recovered money. Based on your expectations and the amount lost, you can choose a suitable payment plan.

In general, the price of the service is negligible compared to the amount of recovered money. You will pay a fraction of what you will get back if the investigation is successful.


Payback Ltd is a company that deserves your trust. If you or any of your loved ones lost money to a crypto scam, you can contact this company and start recovering what you’ve lost. However, you should note that a successful investigation is possible only if you have at least some evidence like receipts and screenshots.